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Inner Voice was established in 2014 at a conceptual level, to be a leading brand in life coaching. During 2015 the business model was developed to create a core coaching program at the heart of the business, AMA (Awareness, Motivation, and Action) Coaching using NLP techniques, Mindfulness, Nutrition & Fitness. The model was further developed to incorporate focus on the three core elements of achieving fulfilment in the 21st century of Life, Health and Wealth coaching

The founders of Inner Voice have imprinted their own values into the company DNA. Using their unique and personal life changing journeys to overcome adversity to develop and energize the company. They believe because they have lived through the toughest times, they are best placed to bring their unique energy to coaching people through their toughest times too and to get the most from their lives.

The company’s mission is to coach people to create the best possible life that they can lead and to create happiness in everything they do for themselves and with others. Inner Voice aim to inspire and support through everything that it does for the benefit of its clients who are central to the business vision.

Mission Statement
• Coach, to create the best life people can live
• Inspire and support through all that we do
• Create happiness and be the positive support in life

Vision Statement
• People: Inspire each person to inspire the next person.
• Portfolio : Give the world a portfolio of beliefs in positive thinking and actions
• Partners : Enable beneficial winning partnerships
• Planet : Create an awareness and responsibility to the planet
• Profit: Create wealth, to give back to charities and the less fortunate.
• Productivity : Push the boundaries and grow as a global franchise

An Inner Voice coach isn't just a life coach, they're a coach for LIFE!

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