vIPOAsia’s goal is to create value for its customers acting as an integral part of their organization providing all relevant Supply Chain services to:
•Source the appropriate quality and cost effective products from Asia.
•Incorporate efficient and cost effective logistics management.
•Meet delivery and scheduling requirements.
•Market and/or set up distribution for their products in Asia.

Drawing upon the experience of it’s Managing Director, Calipe Chong, vIPOAsia offers a unique answer to the question “How do small American companies take advantage of the opportunities offered by doing business in China?”
•Calipe is Asian and is familiar with Asian cultures, languages, customs and business practices.
•Calipe’s 30 years of working experience with American companies enables him to express the expectations and goals of the American customer.
•Calipe and I have over 40 years of experience in supply chain management.
•We work on-site and monitor the supplier’s operations and performance.
•Astute understanding of “guanxi” and of the business environment in Asia.
•Proven leadership in forming effective teams with high morale.
•Empathetic and analytical approach in resolving disputes and problems.

vIPOAsia specializes in:
•Sourcing in Asia and match-making with appropriate partners.
•Supplier assessments including quality and manufacturing feasibility.
•Setting up factories, Joint Ventures and representative offices.
•Price negotiation.
•Testing, Part Approval Process.
•Order fulfillment & expediting deliveries.
•Logistics management.
•Distribution & Marketing.


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