Campbell & McDearmid Optometrists

Independent Optometrists established in the late 1940's. Campbell & McDearmid Optometrists work to deliver a first class eye care experience. We offer a wide range of Optometry services, from NHS and private comprehensive eye examinations to children's eyecare, specialist contact lens fitting, low vision assessments, binocular vision assessments, coloured overlay assessments for dyslexia/migraine/visual stress, dry eye assessments and others. We work with some of the world's leading eyecare technology companies to ensure the techniques we use provide you with best possible standard of eyecare. Our experienced Optometrists are committed to regular training and career development so you know you are receiving the best possible advice.

We are proud to source niche eyewear designers and eyewear styling appointments to offer you personalised advice and achieve a unique look for you and your spectacle choices - you won't see lots of other people in the same frame as you!

We partner with world leading spectacle lens manufacturers to offer the latest in modern lens technology to allow you to experience the best possible vision in your eyewear, whether that's for driving, reading, the office, varifocals, sports vision, sunglasses (prescription and non-prescription) or for your children.

To sum up our aims in 3 points: Expert Eyecare, Niche Eyewear, delivered by Happy People!

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