Institute of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry of Bashkortostan Republic (GUP INHP RB)

SUE «Institute Of Petroleum Refining And Petrochemistry Of Bashkortostan Republic» possess more than 60 years performs scientific researches, creates and develops new technologies and products for oil and gas industry. Institute actively participates to the largest construction and modernization projects in the industry.
Our longstanding experience in managing major projects includes execution a function of a general designer of fuel and energy complex objects.

Institute is a member of Petrochemical territorial cluster of Bashkortostan Republic - which consolidates resources and competences of 160 companies of a various profile, such as equipment manufactory, petrochemistry, electronics, geoscience and etc. Since the year of 2015 Institute leads the cluster and provides it with methodological, organizational, expert, analytical and information support.

Institute has the full range of resources, such as high-skilled personnel, engineering infrastructures, equipment and software required for providing consulting, prototyping, engineering and procurement services to our partners and customers, as well as for implementation the cluster development program.

The areas of Institute specialization are:
• provision of consulting services, projects audit, technical and economic evaluation of potential investments, risk analysis;
• design (as well as 3D-modeling) and modernization of oil and gas processing industrial facilities, petrochemical products transportation and storage facilities, fueling infrastructure of airports;
• developing innovative technologies and processes of oil refining, prototyping - from preparation and primary processing to complex secondary processes, allowing deep processing (full cycle - from basic research to the construction of facilities).
Management of the construction process and the procurement of complex, high-tech equipment;
• field supervision of all stages including commissioning.

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