Trustwin Capresearch Services Pvt. Ltd.

TWC is an equity research firm based in Bangalore.
We intend to provide our investors a complete guide to trading & investment, especially for those who find it difficult to track the market and analyze the companies due to time constraint.

Analysis – TWC inherits the idea of discovering the facts already known about the sectors and the firms by bringing out the uniqueness and exclusivity for your investment style. Fundamental and technical analysis are the two essential aspects to be looked into when it comes to stock market.
Fundamental Analysis is carried out basically to know the company stock valuation, predicting a probable price evolution and the business performance, evaluation of the management, internal business decisions and the calculated credit risks.
Technical Analysis of the securities brings out to you the rules of trading based on price and volume transformations which includes RSI, moving averages, regressions, business cycles, stock market cycles & inter-market and intra-market price correlations. The chart patterns will be depicting the move of the day!
Research- The investor can rely on the company research as any stock recommended would be consisting these competitive forces such as degree of competition, products and services availability, significance of price movements & profit estimations.
Market Indices – The world is a global village as it is rightly said and we believe that the outside markets have a major impact on our Indian Stock Market. The indices are measured and tracks the changes over time to dispose accurate results for trading and investment.
Knowledge – The worldly duties take in more time leading to lack of gaining knowledge on stocks and the companies you would like to invest in. So our team of research analysts and advisors take up the responsibility to educate both active & sleeping traders and investors thus helping them to grab the right opportunities.

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