Dynamo Innovative Digital Advertising

Dynamo - is a leading digital marketing agency in Cambodia. We are working with major local and international brands in order to bring the best digital experience. Among our clients are Cellcard, CTN, Naga World, Nescafe, Coca-Cola, Dove, Milo, Maggi, Red Bull, Nestle, Sunsilk, Ezecom, Ovaltine and many more.

We help brands to:
- develop a digital strategy, express creativity and branding;
- create digital products (graphic design, animation, video,
copyrighting, web-sites, Facebook and mobile apps);
- advertise and interact with people through mobile phones, social
media and web-sites.

Last years there was a huge breakthrough into digital communications in Cambodia. More and more new companies step into the digital world, that is already around us.

Our Mission - we want to help and educate not more than 10,000 brands and companies in Cambodia to start talking to their clients in a new modern digital way. Share interaction tools that are convenient and exciting for people. Help brands to better understand their clients'
needs and provide personalized products and services. These mutual benefits will result in a significant growth of quality of life in Cambodia.

Our Values - innovations, digital world, communications, interactions, engagement

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Privately Held

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