Markazi Broadcasting Company (MBC)

Family owned and operated Persian-American international broadcasting company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our global satellite transponder and broadband networks broadcast in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East.

2005 — launched the world's fastest growing Iranian-American international satellite broadcasting company through the Galaxy 19 Space Craft
— first in-studio live Iranian-American international television broadcasting
— provided international communications to over 2 million people in 3 countries through satellite and broadband by 2Mb T-1
2007 — grew to over 4 million viewers from around the world
2009 — provided 2Mp of high-speed Internet broadcasting to over 12 internet-based networks around the world
2010 — Markazi develops over 8 million satellite viewers, 4 million Internet viewers and broadcasts to over 64 internet-based networks around the world
2011 — Markazi announces global broadcasting coverage from North America to Europe and the Middle East
— Markazi announces switching from 3:4 aspect ratio (SD Format) to 16:9 aspect ratio (Full HD - 1920×1080, and Standard HDTV - 1280×720).

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Privately Held

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