Legacy Trust Family Wealth Offices

We provide for our client families the guidance, leadership and attention to detail to simplify their financial lives, grow their assets and insure that their future generations are prepared and provided for.

Have you ever suspected that the financial services companies you do business with are more interested in increasing their net worth than yours? That could be because many of them are. They may earn commissions on trades or for selling certain investments. Or they may receive bonuses based on how much new business they generate — instead of how well they serve existing clients.

Unlike these companies, Legacy Trust is fully independent and objective. Our sole source of compensation is based on the assets we manage on your behalf. We have no financial incentive to push certain products or generate transactions, and no corporate headquarters pressuring us to increase sales and profit margins. That means we are free to always place your best interests first. In fact, as your fiduciary agent, we are not only morally but also legally required to do so. We answer to you, and only to you.

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