HDIAC (Homeland Defense & Security Information Analysis Center)

HDIAC is one of three Department of Defense Information Analysis Centers. HDIAC is responsible for acquiring, analyzing and disseminating relevant scientific and technical information, in each of its eight focus areas, in support of the DoD and U.S. government R&D activities.

HDIAC’s mission is to provide authoritative, responsive solutions by generating, acquiring, processing, analyzing and disseminating relevant information and analysis to our customers.

Through our Basic Center of Operations, subject matter expert network and extensive database collection, HDIAC is positioned to help support the nation’s toughest scientific and technical challenges. HDIAC provides a wide range of additional services, including access to the HDIAC Journal, a quarterly publication featuring scientific and technical innovations within our focus areas; A network of subject matter experts in each of the focus areas; Participation in key technical conferences and forums to engage and network with the science and technology (S&T) community.

Alternative Energy, Biometrics, CBRN Defense, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Homeland Defense and
Cultural Studies, WMDs, and Medical

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Government Agency

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