Computer Forensics Associates


ADR Data Recovery was founded by CEO, Kevin Jackson in 1995 when he personally experienced a data loss situation. Since then ADR Data Recovery has grown to incorporate 12 labs and over 8.2 million in annual sales. ADR Data Recovery also incorporates Computer Forensics Associates with the ability to process forensic cases at each of these labs and/or onsite with the ability to remotely acquire forensic images with MD5 & SHA1 Hashes should the client require this level of service. Key locations include Boston, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Durham, Phoenix, San Jose, and Seattle with corporate headquarters in Hamilton, Montana. Computer Forensics Associates offers services including preservation of data, forensic imaging, analysis, e-discovery, and expert witness/testimony. If the media is damaged, ADR Data Recover can recover the data prior to creating a forensic image. Computer Forensics Associates has the capability to handle small or large clientele and was involved in the initial stages of the Enron investigation.


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