World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

The World Organisation for Animal Health is responsible for improving animal health and welfare worldwide.

Created in 1924 as the "Office International des Epizooties"​ of which it has kept its historical acronym "OIE"​, it is one of the oldest and, with its 180 Member Countries, among the most representative intergovernmental organisations.

Present on all five continents with a network of 301 Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres and 13 Regional and Sub-regional Offices, the OIE manages the world animal health surveillance and alert system and plays a key role in veterinary scientific research and information.

As the international reference organisation for animal health within the framework of the World Trade Organization SPS Agreement, the OIE develops sanitary standards that safeguard world trade in animals and animal products and ensure animal production food safety. The OIE is also the sole world organisation stting international Standards for animal welfare.

The OIE’s missions also include ensuring transparency of the animal disease situation worldwide, including diseases transmissible to humans, strengthening of policies on animal production, food security and poverty reduction, implementing strategies for the prevention and management of risks at the animal–human interface and analysing the impact of climate and environmental changes on animal disease emergence and occurrence.

In a spirit of solidarity with all its Members, the OIE supports Veterinary Services in improving their good governance and compliance with OIE quality standards.
Stronger support for improving the quality of diagnostic and research laboratories, veterinary education and veterinary statutory bodies throughout the world is helping to consolidate the initiatives undertaken by the OIE to promote good governance and the global reduction of biological risks.

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