KCL was founded in 2014 by Paul Kudray, International Business Resilience Leader and seeker of truly reliable resilience

Many organisations check boxes and are able to assign green shading to their business resilience capability plans. But KCL asks just how resilient are they? Is your green really green? Or is it that way because you sent your key personnel on courses and assume that they not only learnt, they then retained the information taught? In our experience Managers are often tasked with a lower level of managerial duty on the days they’re on courses and whilst physically present in the room, can actually be found responding to messages, sending emails and taking WhatsApp pictures of their socks, during critical parts of the training. If your plan revolves around their having learnt what the course brochure said, you may just find it wanting when push comes to shove (UK slang for when crisis strikes) and you need to invoke your contingency plans

It’s not just the people who are involved in the process of planning. It’s also those in charge of key tasks during the response and recovery phases. How engaged were they in the training, exercising and testing stages? How will they actually perform on the day? Will they follow the plan? Or are we leaving a great deal to chance?

KCL are focused on testing your green assumptions (not just your amber and reds) and making sure you are really ready. For whatever happens next. Whether it be a full-blown crisis, or a minor incident. The only time we want to see you in the news, is when you’re being commended for how well you responded and how resilient your organisation is in times of - what others would perceive as – trouble. There was nothing you didn’t bargain for and when something truly unpredictable came up, you nailed it in the most appropriate way because it was the right thing to do at a really difficult time. Your organisation can be that great

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