We seek to strengthen and empower first-generation college students by convening communities made of both students and administrators, connecting students to pre-existing resources, recognizing gaps within these resources, and advocating for change.

1vyG is has three primary undertakings:

(1) 1vyG - The First-Generation Ivy League Students Conference: The first and only conference for first-generation Ivy League students, will bring together students, administrators, alumni and community partners to strengthen and empower the 1G community for collective change.

(2) Mobilizers: Mobilizers represent an inter-Ivy coalition of students who act as both community-builders for first-generation students at their respective universities and liaisons working with their university administration to help improve resources and support.

(3) Strategic Initiatives: We provide platforms through partnerships first-generation students to share their stories and experiences in order to increase awareness of issues faced by the first-gen community.
By gathering community to build knowledge and communicate best practices, 1vyG aims to showcase the amazing potential of first-generation students and shape them into leaders that affect themselves, their communities, and the world.

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