Starting from the concept that reality is an illusion, we create advanced technology-based formats to make it magic.

Unreality collaborates with high-level technologists having a wide and deep range of experience: from space technologies development to artificial intelligence, from 3D graphics to IoT systems, from Virtual and Augmented Reality to Holograms. It’s not just about “know-how”, it’s a team of experts combining excellent competences together, with over 20 years of experience in the world of innovative software and solutions, who create, develop and customize distinctive technological formats to astonish and involve people.

For Unreality advanced technologies mean to constantly monitor innovative companies and academic laboratories worldwide in order to always be on the cutting edge of latest and future technological trends.

It means also a steady investigation to understand how to transpose known and utilized technologies in specific sectors in an innovative way for the communication & marketing sector.

Unreality’s approach to a project always begins with accurate analysis aimed to create an unusual and original technological mix (presentation + interaction + intelligence).

A strong planning synergy with creative people is crucial to transform that mix into a unique, amazing and involving experience.

Last but not least, Unreality has laboratory and showroom availability to test each format and show new technologies to its clients.




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