In addition to the previous activities of consultancy, advice and probe trading, D.B., offers you now a complete range of high tech products.
The combination between engineering and consultancy activities, and high tech product representation offers a guaranty of efficiency to the clients.
The purpose is not only dealing piece of hardware or software, but taking base on the understanding of the technique and the applications, the purpose is to provide a meaningful solution to the clients.

SOCOMATE Interational, X-COUNTER, LECOEUR Electronique

put their trust in D.B. to support the Japanese market, by an exclusivity agreement that comes as a good complement from the activity of Phased Array probe design and manufacturing.
Also, the panel of partners of D.B. allows to consider software and manipulator development.

A large range of proven technologies are now available:

- PCI high speed high grade UT acquisition board
- ultra-small high performance UT acquisition equipment
- high class phased array acquisition equipment
- turn-key solution for all obliquities inspection system with UT Phased Array
- Non scintillator dual energy X-ray sensor
- Tomography and high resolution CT X-ray processing solutions
Almost all solutions are available as OEM, you can integrate them in your own system, and make these unique technologies yours.

To understand our different approach, visit DB website now: www.db-kk.com and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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