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Source One is trading organization with a strong focus on top quality hose. Our range encompasses Stainless Steel Flexible Hose, Stainless steel assemblies, rubber hoses, industrial rubber hoses, hydraulic rubber hoses composite hoses and related end fittings.

Our range of rubber hoses are for a variety of applications. We provide rubber hoses for steam, air, gas, water, petroleum, acids, chemicals, slurry, shot blasting, sand blasting and for automotive applications. Rubber hoses can be provided with reinforcements (wire, textile, other materials). These can be used in many high temperature and high pressure environments. Hoses are also available for highly corrosive environment e.g. mines. Various diameters and end fittings are available.

Our range of SS hoses includes, SS Wire Braided, Teflon corrugated and various other stainless steel hose assemblies with customised end fittings. Stainless Steel corrugated flexible hoses are offered from size: 6mm NB(1/4”) to size: 200mm (8”). The annular hose body provides the flexibility and pressure tight core of the assembly. We also provide highly flexible close-pitch hoses for special applications.

We also supply all kinds of customized end fittings. These can be provided as a part of the hose assembly and/or separately as well.

Source One is an organization dedicated to showcase and trade in Indian products internationally. Our expertise lies in sourcing required products at the cheapest possible price from reputed suppliers. We aim to serve our associates and clients in an honest, sincere and transparent manner. The aim is to build trust and develop long term relationships and gain from each other areas of expertise.

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