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Company Overview
Vastra represents the new paradigm of Wellness Clothing , based on an ancient tradition- fully organic clothing that is dyed only with Ayurvedic medicinal plants and herbs.


Our mission is to promote the use of clothing for wellness. Through this concept ,which is a gift from the 5000 year old medicine system of Ayurveda to the modern world, we aspire to not only help heal the individual body, mind and spirit, but also the planet at large through practices that are fully natural and sustainable.

100% Organic Clothing and Clothing-based products dyed ONLY with
Wild-Crafted and Organic medicinal plants and herbs.

This concept was revived by the Vastra Team in Kerala, India.More at

General Information

Skin being the largest organ in the human body is used as a gateway in Ayurveda to infuse herbal medicines and our clothing is based on this concept.

Our clothes are dyed fully naturally and manually using medicinal plants and herbs that are wild-crafted and organic having specific health/wellness benefits proven by both tradition as well as clinical research.

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