Syrian-Qatari Holding Company

Syrian-Qatari Holding (SQH) is Syria’s largest holding company with declared capital of USD 5 Billion. It is committed to introducing leading and pioneering investment opportunities to the Syrian market across different industries. Established through an agreement between the Syrian and Qatari governments, SQH is capitalized through cash or in-kind contributions of assets by the Syrian government that are valued and matched in cash by the Qatari government.

Founded in 2008, SQH is based in the Syrian Arab Republic with headquarters in Damascus. The company’s investments spread across several industry sectors such as Power Generation, Agriculture, Dairy & Juice, Phosphate Fertilizers, Healthcare, Real Estate, Financial Services and Fuel Distribution. Backed by the expertise of an extensive network of global consultants, SQH sets sights on introducing unmatched projects that would enhance the welfare of the Syrian people.

SQH is equally owned by the Syrian and Qatari governments. Qatar’s shares are held by Qatar Investment Authority. Fully supported by both governments, SQH is a joint sector company governed by a Board of Directors of six members with equal representation by the two nations.




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Government Agency

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