InDepth Communication Coaching

InDepth provides communication coaching for individuals, couples and teams -- one-on-one and and in workshops. ​
In our personal communication coaching sessions, we go 'in depth' to identify root causes of communication issues rather than supplying tips and tricks. We aim to help you uncover lasting solutions to long standing problems.
Our standard communication skills training is a two day workshop introducing the core techniques underpinning effective communication.
We take a holistic approach to communication skills, arguing that effective communication requires more than just learning a few extra tips and tricks. It requires an 'in depth' understanding of self - what your natural behaviours are and the psychological drivers underpinning any communication issues. This sets the foundation for more effective written and spoken communication.
Our team communication packages are designed identify barriers to group communication and enhance team performance.
The basis of all our team communication services is the internationally renowned Extended DISC behavioral analysis. This objectively allows the root cause of dysfunction in teams to be identified and surfaced in a way that is non-threatening.

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