Payroll and personnel administration: Managing payroll and business taxes might seem easy. But you know there’s a lot more to it than that.

Reduce payroll, accounting and benefits costs along with employee-related paperwork that drains your valuable time.

- Payroll processing, tax filing and compliance
- Garnishment and deduction administration
- Employee records maintenance and management

Transfer your own employees to our PEO and enjoy the benefits of having an experienced firm to manage all the process of determining payroll and taxes, while having access to a wide range of employee benefits, competitive workers’ compensation and more.

When it is time to decide about which are the right benefits to pick for your employees, it doesn’t matter whether you are a small company or a big corporation. It is an exhaustive job but it must be done. Working with us can change all of that for the better.

When you work with Nexorh employee benefit services, you can rest assured that your empolyess will have access to the right and correct benefits to keep them safe, happy and most importantly, concentrated on their jobs, as well as you.

Working with us, your employees will find very easy to pick benefits which fit the best for their needs. Using high end technology you and your employees will have always access to enrollment status and tools to manage their benefits any time, anywhere.

The enrollment process is very easy for anyone in your organization, this can save you hours of administrative time and now you and your employes can focus on performing the best for the company.

With Nexorh’s benefits services, your employees will have access to a selection of benefits, often at a lower cost for your employees, as you have access to the aggregated buying costs of a large number of employers. Providing your employees with great benefits, will reduce turnover and will stay happy and motivated to continue providing quality work.

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