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In 1992, ABCInc (A Better Computer, Inc.) incorporated and specialized in helping people get their PCs working. At the time the PC environment was a new frontier - half professional and half hobby.

By 2003, ABCInc had transitioned to helping people register domain names and begin building web pages, and a decade later the Internet has exploded because of users on social media; Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Today, some 30 years after PCs made their first appearance, we find a broad range of user needs – and a broader range of user skills.

A Better Computer knows how to do it from start to finish. We’ve found that people have a wide range of the skills (somewhere between 10% to 90%) to be successful on the Internet. We can help you wherever you fit on the skill scale, even with basic "now-what-?" help!

It’s our job to make full-time professionals available to you on a part-time, and on an as-needed basis. It's as easy as A-B-C (1-2-3)!

This is especially true for people who are running a business and need an Internet presence but don’t have the time to invest in building their 'net presence from scratch. (What entrepreneur has "extra" time?)

Visit our company website at www.ABetterComputerInc.com

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