Flickbook specializes in Digital Content Creation and Marketing in the B2B sector. We have served companies like Zycus, SMARTe, Gray Matters and Verdantis. Our goal is to help brands reach out to, and communicate with their audiences. We make Marketing Videos, Websites, Infographics, Corporate Presentations, Maintain Blogs, and Design the entire Marketing Communication for your business. Whether you need an overall branding and marketing solution, or you have very specific needs like increasing audience engagement through Social Media, we offer customized services to suit your unique needs.

We are a group of Artists, Writers, Animators, Film makers, & Designers skilled in the art of communication through Digital Media. We use our skills to communicate any message or story, from promoting your brand, to visualizing complex concepts that need a simple explanation, to developing stories for children. We start with understanding your need through focussed discussions, we brainstorm creative solutions, and finally bring them to life, making your message communicable for a one on one presentation or for the larger online audience.

Our strength lies in our ability to work with our clients in a way that translates their vision to persuasive communication. Since we are well versed with the entire landscape of the digital medium, be it still images or videos that involve live action and animations we can tell your story in the most apt and compelling way.




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