Ataro Food and Spices

Ataro Food and Spices packages and distributes West African spice blends and sauces.

Ataro Global Food Services Holding B.V. -- based in The Hague, South Holland -- was created to bring West African cooking, cuisine, recipes and spices to The Netherlands, Europe . . . and eventually the world.
West African food is flavorful, delicious, and nutritious, using fresh, natural ingredients and wonderfully exotic spice combinations and sauces to create extraordinary meals. But unlike Asian food, French food, Italian food, etc. -- which are known and appreciated the world over -- the cuisine of Nigeria and West Africa is little known outside its own region.
Ataro Food & Spices is about to change that!
Our goal is to introduce West African and Nigerian cuisine to the rest of the world to create more opportunities to West African Food businesses and support local farmers. We do this through:
• Spices, Sauces and Other Packaged West African Food Products – This makes it easy to prepare delicious meals for friends and family using the wonderful flavors of West African cuisine. Our ingredients are wholesome, delicious and hygienically packaged.
• Fun and Exciting West African Cooking Workshops - for private parties, groups, social occasions, organizations, kids and team building fun.
• West African Recipes – Expand your cooking repertoire by adding West African dishes to your everyday cooking including Tradtional Nigerian dishes, West African Fusion and Contemporary African cuisine.

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