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Predictive Insights for Smart Cities

WayCare's learning technologies provide forward looking and actionable insights that enable municipalities to make informed decisions and effectively and efficiently manage resource allocation. Our first solution addresses one of cities’ most urgent pain points: traffic accidents and related congestion. WayCare's proprietary, machine learning platform aims to predict traffic accidents and related congestion before they occur. The predictive insights are combined with a decision support solution, which allow authorities to select a preventative course of action. WayCare's SaaS-based solution allows cities to become a smart-city without requiring costly infrastructural Investment.

WayCare Accident Prediction Platform:
WayCare's accident prediction platform takes historical data in and around roads and combines it with real-time data feeds. The combined data set is synthesized through WayCare's recurrent neural network (RNN) platform, which in turn predicts the likely occurrence of future traffic accidents. Highly dangerous road sections are highlighted in red while less dangerous road sections are colored in yellow and green. The platform can also identify dangerous roads that are forming up to 24 hour ahead of time.

WayCare Decision Support:
WayCare’s platform not only provides authorities predictive insights of when and where accidents are likely to occur, but also recommends a preventative course-of-action. Recommendations include: dispatching first responders, variable speed limits, dynamic traffic light system management, lane allocation, variable warning signs, etc.

WayCare Reports and Data Integration:
WayCare integrates data from city operations including traffic management center, police, EMT, fire department and more. This enables WayCare to learn the city roads better than ever before and provide unprecedented analytics for almost anything that moves within the city environment.

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