Brandbumps Marketing Group, Inc.

At Brandbumps, we’ve discovered a way to create a new, effective advertising and messaging opportunity by utilizing the walkways in front of businesses to increase promotion and awareness for your brand or retail business. We think this presents a pretty special opportunity.

We offer the world’s first dual purpose ADA‐compliant, branded detectable warning panels (DWPs). Our unique patent pending product allows retailers to transform DWPs from basic, drab panels to vibrant, eye-catching messaging that still fulfill the practical purpose of providing pedestrian safety for the visually impaired.

So, what can you do with these things? A LOT. Put a logo, photo, or QR code on them. Installation and replacement couldn’t be easier, so switch them out as often as you wish.

The Brandbumps dual purpose product provides a revenue opportunity for both ADVERTISERS and RETAILERS. They impact customers at store entrances where customers have to travel, so our panels get the attention that shelf‐talkers, end‐aisles, circulars, and other point-of-sale materials simply can’t.

So, don’t leave dollars at your doorstep™. Brandbumps is marketing ahead of the curb®. Give us a shout to learn what Brandbumps can do for you!

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