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Viamii Recruitment Training aka The Recruiters Academy is a specialist training service for those working in the Sales, Business and Recruitment sector. We have uniquely combined various areas of an individual’s personal development to offer it on one platform – Viamii.

Viamii takes time to understand your needs and gets to the heart of what’s right for you. Whether it’s the next all-important step in your career, that crucial hire for your business or a training gap that could forward your results – you’ll get a solution via us. With more than 14 years' experience we know what we're talking about.

Our approach is personal, bespoke, flexible and honest. We don’t just influence careers, we PIECE TOGETHER FUTURES! This ethos is what sets us apart and makes us the choice for your professional training needs.

The Recruiters Academy offers innovative and unique training in all areas of Recruitment, Sales, Linked In and Leadership. We also have a profiling system which can help you identify your core skills and values ensuring you or your staff stay motivated at all times. By taking our unique test, youll discover exactly what you need to make the right decisions effectively and take action and be able to identify what type of organisation suits you or what type of people suit your organisation. Eliminating bad choices!

Viamii Recruitment covers the following specialist sectors within London & the Home Counties as well as internationally.
• Content
• Internal/External Communications
• Digital
• Client Services and
• Marcomms

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