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Health happens where we live, learn, work, and play. Lane County’s Prevention staff looks at what is healthy; then works to promote changes that will improve our health, both mentally and physically.
We define Prevention as the active process of improving health and well-being of people by reducing risk factors and promoting protective factors.

Our Mission:

To lead efforts to plan, promote and create the optimal social and environmental conditions for community health and well-being.

Issues We Work On:

- Alcohol
- Drugs
- Tobacco
- Nutrition & Physical Activity
- Gambling
- Suicide
- Mental health
- Health Equity

What We Do:

- Collect and analyze data
- Share information
- Facilitate community involvement
- Provide technical assistance
- Analyze and develop health policies
- Develop community health improvement plans
- Train and educate

Our Values:

Respect: We believe in respecting ourselves, each other and our community.

Team Work: We believe in working collaboratively and learning from each other.

Long-term change: We believe that prevention is integral to health transformation and long-term change.

Community: We believe in engaging the community and supporting diverse community participation.

Community Health: We believe an individual’s health encompasses a person’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being; the health of the individual is tied to the health of the community.

Public Health Science/Data: We believe in using public health and prevention science, data and evidence.

Integrity: We believe we have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and accountability.

Connection: We believe “it’s all connected.”

Equity: We believe it is our responsibility and our role to change the conditions that drive inequities in our community.

Fun: We believe a fun working environment is a productive and healthy work environment.

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