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Kardon Technology is now known as Kardon Compliance. Kardon Compliance offers services designed around the unique needs, requirements and regulations an organization needs for their HIPAA and HITECH compliance programs. We understand the requirements are complicated and thus we offer a variety of options to help organizations build and maintain their compliance programs. From do-it-yourself webinars and kits to hands-on consulting, we are here to take the stress out of the process.

Today, technology and regulations are constantly evolving... at a faster pace than ever before. To know how to move forward, you need to understand the implications. Providing more than a simple Risk Analysis, we work with Covered Entities and Business Associates to develop appropriate policies, procedures and training programs.

Having the knowledge that policies exist and understanding procedure are two different things. Would you rather prepare for the worst, or fight against it and hope for the best? Let's work together to implement a plan for your practice.

- You can follow our recent blog posts at: www.SmallProviderHIPAA.com and our podcast at HelpMeWithHIPAA.com

Previously known as Kardon Technology, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) specializing in IT services for organizations that required HIPAA compliance. Now, we focus only on providing HIPAA compliance services and no longer market our IT services. For that reason, we are now known as Kardon Compliance.

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