Coleford Investment Management

Coleford is an independent wealth management firm, providing discretionary investment management services to private clients and their families, charitable foundations, and smaller institutions. We are registered portfolio managers and conservative long-term investors. We focus on protecting our clients’ capital while generating income to support their lifestyle needs, and the required growth to preserve their wealth.

Our private clients are individuals and families who have a significant financial portfolio and require specific wealth management expertise, access to investments and services to comprehensively address their needs.

Problems That We Solve for Our Clients:
The lack of time and/or expertise to manage investments;
How to generate a predictable and tax efficient income stream from their investment portfolio to support their lifestyle, and make it last;
How to protect their money from a permanent loss as well as from a loss in purchasing power due to inflation;
The need to establish a professional investment management plan, should a family member be unable or unwilling to continue managing their own investment portfolio;
How to manage a sudden lump sum of money from an inheritance or sale of a business, professional practice or property;
How to deal with complex estate, trust and multi-generational wealth management needs;
The need to sleep at night knowing someone else is competently carrying the burden of directly managing and monitoring their investments.

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Privately Held

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