Curiale Wilson LLP is an employment law firm focused on management-side labor and employment law. The firm’s attorneys have significant experience defending companies in employment and trade secret litigation, including claims of wrongful termination, discrimination and sexual harassment, and in the ever expanding area of wage and hour disputes.

In addition to litigation, Curiale Wilson LLP also focuses on "preventive labor relations." To that end, we present a wide range of supervisory training, including Managing Within the Law, Avoiding Sexual Harassment Claims, Conducting an Effective Internal Investigation, Managing Effectively Under a Collective Bargaining Agreement and Maintaining a Union-Free Workplace. The firm’s seminars are designed to give managers and supervisors a better understanding of the many laws that impact the numerous employee-related decisions made daily. The benefit is that supervisors manage their employees more effectively and fairly, and avoid the costly litigation that is often the result of their making uninformed decisions about the people they are charged with managing.

Curiale Wilson LLP also has an active practice representing management in collective bargaining and in labor disputes with unions. Members of the firm have decades of experience advising employers on how to effectively and lawfully respond to union organizing or a petition for decertification. We also regularly represent companies before the National Labor Relations Board.

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