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Amplify Media Solutions provide successful strategies and educational services to businesses and events that are looking for content creation or social media management and advice. We have 3 years experience in the industry and want to make quality content and online marketing tools available and usable for everyone no matter the age, experience or business characteristics.

During 2011, Mel Phillips (Director) decided she had witnessed too many businesses struggling to attract customers due to poor content on their website and very little or no understanding of the benefits that content can bring to a business or event both online and offline.

Initial discussions with businesses highlighted that most business or event owners and managers struggle in 4 different areas:

1. Content Planning - they just don't know what to write

2. Content Creation - they don't have the time or ability to write the content

3. Social Media Management - they don't have the ability, time or knowledge of how to successfully manage social media channels for customer service and relationship building

4. Monitoring & Reporting - after putting a content or social media strategy in place they do not know how to monitor and report on the activity to assess their level of success or determine where changes are needed.

Based on this information Amplify Media Solutions was created to provide the hands on education or professional services businesses require to be able to leverage content successfully.

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