Orion HealthCorp

Orion HealthCorp, Inc., is a leading medical billing and practice management company that partners with physicians to help streamline operations and optimize revenue collections. Orion effectively manages the critical business tasks physicians need to assure maximum returns through precision medical billing and coding—giving them more time to focus on patient care.

Orion supports thousands of office-based physicians and hospital specialists in:

• Pathology
• Radiology
• Anesthesiology

We use our years of experience in medical billing & coding to leverage Osmiumsm, Orion’s proprietary web-based business intelligence technology. It’s a powerful combination for solving the business challenges that concern practices most—process control, receivables management, collections performance, cash flow and projections, practice trends and business modeling. And our teams keep practices up-to-date on regulatory and policy changes that impact reimbursements. Like the hunter Orion in Greek mythology, we pursue and capture missing revenues that other medical billing services overlook.




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Privately Held


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