R&G Will Registry Ltd.

R&G Will Registry Ltd. is a will registration service in Ireland which allows Solicitors to register details of their client’s will in a central data base and to search that data base to locate an individual testator's will.

R&G Will Registry Ltd. is a service exclusively available to Solicitors in Ireland. The integrity of the database is greatly enhanced by the fact that it is only members of the legal profession who can access it.

R&G Will Registry Ltd. will also facilitates a quicker and easier method of searching for a testator's Will. Prior to this, the locating of Wills has always been carried out on very colloquial & piece meal basis with Solicitors simply contacting offices in the immediate vicinity and essentially trying ( based on investigation and 'Best Guess') to establish where wills are located or if they even exist.

Simply by registering your clients Names, Addresses, date of Will, PPS No. and the solicitors office where the will is kept, the will can be located by all fellow members of the legal profession.

All client data is encoded to protect its integrity. No names, dates of births or PPS numbers are stored in our database in clear text so you can be assured that your clients’ details are safe and secure.




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