hsm consultants

Professional Staff Retention specialists, building strategies for a happy profitable workforce.

hsm consultants are a staff retention specialist based in the North West of England. We help companies increase productivity and profitability through the art of employee engagement. Having the right practices in place and understanding what your colleagues want will result in you having a more motivated and high performing workforce. We build your strategy with you and for you, this enables your employees to thrive, and will ultimately result in consistently top performers.

The services we offer are far reaching, an example of our products are:

Internal Communications - the biggest issue that companies actually face is not speaking to its staff, we deliver engaging content for all levels of staff, relaying the message your employees want to hear
Employee surveys - we can build a survey that allows you to set some tangible results for you and your employees
Productivity Analysis - we have a piece of software that can categorise your staff from high performers to poor performers, this allows you to see how much money your disengaged staff could be costing the business, we then produce a soloution to eradicate any needless money wasteage
Wellbeing - We build a wellbeing programme through bespoke training and engagement through the workplace that makes your employees feel that the company values their health and psychological state.
Team Building - this can resolve many key issues within an organisation, we help to plan, build and deliver an effective team building programme.
We offer many more services and provide you with concise briefs and reporting documents that allows you to see the value in the investment of your people.




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