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For the professional life producer, the life insurance industry has become far more complicated than it once was. More than ever, the life professional is faced with a bewildering array of distribution alternatives, each with its own unique advantages and pitfalls.

While ‘brokerage houses’ may offer the variety of carriers necessary to meet the demands of the modern consumer, they generally lack the compensation, sales sophistication, and hands-on-approach required to successfully support the independent life insurance professional.

While the large producer groups can provide appropriate levels of support and compensation, their sizable annual fees and production requirements often serve to restrict the life professional’s autonomy – a vital commodity to both the life professional and the insurance client.

As the producer's resource, we recognize the dilemmas you face and offer a solution. Our unique structure allows us to provide access to all of the top carriers, while offering the highest in compensation levels and sales support; all without imposing crippling annual fees.

We guarantee an independent partnership that fosters professional growth and provides an opportunity to build your business with a time proven and successful company. We invite you to consider a partnership with New West Insurance.

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