Embrosa monthly crafts online newsletters, relevant to customers of SME’s, so that these businesses don't have to.

Embrosa is built on the principle that the art of craftsmanship plays an essential part in our future. Local entrepreneurs embody this craftsmanship. Their little shops give color to the streets and shopping malls.

Embrosa experienced that sending (digital) newsletters are an efficient, proven and understandable way of doing marketing for SME’s.

However, not all businesses have a marketing team, IT department or the time to structurally write newsletters. Embrosa knows that running a business is already tough. Embrosa believes in providing tools that make executing local marketing easy, efficient and engaging. Embrosa allows SME’s to make sure existing customers are coming back and stay loyal to their business, their brand.

Embrosa develops and automatically delivers generic marketing content that is used locally in a personalized manner. And Embrosa acts as a middle man to make relevant 3rd party niche content available to use in the marketing of these SME’s.

That’s why Embrosa will be the world’s biggest content provider for local entrepreneurs without employing any copywriters and designers.

Embrosa has already developed software to manage, personalize and deliver ready made newsletters to Mailchimp accounts of its customers, the SME’s. Embrosa’s customers can send out their newsletters within one minute using the Mailchimp mobile app. If they wish to modify content, they can within Mailchimp.

All Embrosa’s customers need is any Mailchimp account, a customer list and a subscription to Embrosa. Embrosa’s services include helping with setting up.

Local entrepreneurs deserve the marketing power that big businesses have. Embrosa is passionate about the uniqueness and authenticity of SME’s. Embrosa presents their local craftsmanship to the world!

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