Aalborg University

Aalborg University is located in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen, Denmark. With its opening in 1974 it became the fifth university in Denmark. In 1995 Esbjerg Engineering College was integrated in the university followed by the creation of the School of Architecture & Design in 1996, the inauguration of the Copenhagen Campus in 2003, the founding of the School of Medicine in 2006, and the integration of Danish Building Research Institute in 2007.

Aalborg University differentiates itself from the older and more traditional Danish universities with its focus on interdisciplinary, inter-faculty studies; an experimental curriculum based on an interdisciplinary basic course with subsequent specialization; a pedagogical structure based on problem-centred, real-life projects of educational and research relevance - which internationally has become known and recognized as The Aalborg Experiment or The Aalborg Model. With the problem-based, project-organized model, a great part of a semesters teaching and student work revolves around complex real-life problems which the students wonder about and try to find answers to in scientific manners while working together in groups.




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