Creative Rebellion Inc.

Creative Rebellion is a vertically integrated video production company with an exceptionally modern approach to commercials, corporate videos, and branded content. We have helped countless startups, agencies, and fortune 500 companies thrive by harnessing the power of video. With team members in Los Angeles and Toronto, and affiliates all over the globe, we offer a unique infrastructure that allows for us to take on projects of all shapes and sizes.

Right now there is a larger demand for video content than ever in history. Businesses are using both traditional and modern approaches to producing new media that are allowing them to harness the power of video, and flourish at an astounding rate. Creative Rebellion is at the forefront of this movement.

We pride ourselves and never taking a "service production company" approach to our work. Every client that we collaborate with is just that - a collaborator. Our mission is to set the gold standard for the industry when it comes to service and quality. We complete every project to the highest cinematic standards, so that even the simplest and smallest of projects receive the best possible creative treatment.

By offering a complete range of production and post services, we maximize your investment by keeping the entire creative pipeline internalized. Our team places high premiums on each and every stage of the process, with a special emphasis on high-end cinematography and finishing work. Traditionally, these have been bank-breaking services on the digital supply chain, but with our innovative and modern approach to production, we proudly bring these services to each and every one of our productions, no matter the budget size.

We believe in attention to detail. To having a smaller more passionate crew over a larger uninspired one any day of the week. We thrive on exceeding expectations. On growing ideas and making an impact.

We look forward to working with you.

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