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In middle 2007, it releases its first record reference Hamahang, Persian and Indian mystic music, together with Maestro Majid Javadi and the musician Nantha Kumar.

In autumn 2007, the second record reference is released: Al Ahlam. Accompanied by Orquesta Melhaoui, as homage to the deceased great Arab Egyptian vocalist Om Kalthoum.

In late 2007, it releases its third record reference: Cherno More. Sub-Saharan and Balkan crossover by Sudanese musician Wafir and Bulgarian brothers Nasco and Ivo Bristov, where instruments from both cultures are merged and fitted, such as nay, tar, lute, darbuka and accordion.

In 2008, the fourth record reference is released by the name of La Cantera del Cajon. This work expresses and deals with the three main fields in which flamenco box play for accompaniment is divided: singing, dancing or guitar. Innumerable and unrivalled artists collaborated, such as Potito, Ramon el Portugues, Guadiana, Diego el Cigala and Estrella Morente. The following dancers worked with us: Torombo, Jairo Barrull and David Paniagua. On the flamenco guitar, Juan Jose Suarez “El Paquete”, Niño Josele and Manuel Parrilla. As percussionists, Piraña, Antonio Carmona, Anton and Sabu Porrina.

Today its activity continues with over 70 consecutive record references, producing and collaborating with the following artists:
This label also has worked with other renowned artists like Tomatito, Concha Buika, Diego de Morao, David Cereduela, Duquende, David de Maria, Jose Maria Molero, Rafael Andujar,…

Almoukri Records has been nominated for Premios de la Musica over 40 times for its records, being recognised by the most renowned artists for its work as a music producer.

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