Etzel Engineer and Build, Inc.

Etzel Engineer and Build is recognized as a Leader in Design-Led, Design-Build Construction. We start out with a solid design and build from there. A well coordinated, comprehensive set of construction documents designed around pre-purchased equipment, combined with an aggressive bid process, is the foundation required for a successful project. In high-reliability infrastructure, the design must minimize single points of failure, allow for systems to be concurrently maintainable, and provide redundancy as a priority.

As a Regional Merit Shop General Contractor, Etzel Engineer and Build implements a "Best Practices" approach to design and construction. This process when executed properly, leads to enhanced project performance, enabling us to achieve safety, quality, schedule, and owner satisfaction in a cost-effective manner. This approach is built on a delivery method which focuses on strong communication, requiring us to utilize all the tools at our disposal to ensure effective sharing of information among all team members.

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