Access Turkey Investments

WE ARE A NEW company with a lot of experience! Although we are new company, through our team we have a lot of experience in the fields of Engineering, Construction, Strategic planning, Land acquisition and development, project management, Demolition, Mining, Geology, Metallurgy, Renewable Energy Technologies and Project Financing.

ACCESS TURKEY INVESTMENTS’ mission is to invest in and manage land development projects itself and in collaboration with other like minded companies or individuals. ACCESS TURKEY INVESTMENTS (ATI) through its management structure and owners have considerable experience of investing in, and managing projects in both the Republic of Turkey and abroad, boasting an extensive network of business partners and professionals, capable of expediting all projects!

ATI are also involved in encouraging outside investors to come to the Republic of Turkey and invest in designated schemes and land development projects. ATI offers the possibility of cooperating with these outside investors directly and are also able to locate projects for investors to develop themselves.

ATI has also taken a 50% interest in a gypsum mining company with the view to building a factory producing gypsum related products. We also have expertise in the area of construction within the energy sector both in renewable energy and other traditional sectors such as oil and gas.

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