Taichi's business is developing most dependable supplier and customer base in China for American and German clients.

Industry focus: automotive & (manufacturing)
Geographical focus: China, US and Germany

Taichi's unique advantages:
1) Taichi develops best-in-class China business intelligence
that supports most effective sourcing of suppliers (products, engineering and manufacturing resources) and development of customers
2) Taichi develops first and best of its kind technical resources bank (database of technical experts and resources) in China's automotive industry.
3) Taichi develops first of its kind on-the-ground supporting resources covering 18 Chinese provinces and cities that represent 95% of all Chinese export.

1. Taichi connects with 10,000+ business leaders (CXO's VP's, Directors) in automotive industry and tracks more than 100,000 highly skilled automotive professionals.

2. Taichi has been involved in sourcing auto parts from China for US and German markets than any other service firms.

3. Taichi has been retained by global market leaders to bring their technologically advanced products to Chinese key accounts.

- Clients include $20m - €60b category leaders, fortune global 500 manufacturers, top 10 US private firm, top 3 US retailer, investment institutions
- 100+ product categories sourcing experience
(auto parts, industrial products, furniture components, promotional items for global market leaders).

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Privately Held

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