Engineer Network Group

Engineer Network Group (ENG) facilitates the interaction between international engineers, technicians and scientist with each other, with future employers and with other professionals such as tax, investment and immigration advisers.

The Group embraces all the major engineering, technical and scientific sectors and disciplines and facilitate the discussion of engineering issues, receive advice from other specialists, exchange ideas, network, learn of new industry developments and receive assistance with international career enhancement.

The broad aim of the Engineering Network Group is to increase the visibility, mobility, knowledge and experience levels of our members who want to work in a global village, seeing and experiencing other countries, cultures and companies.

The ENG Job and Discussion boards are available to employers to advertise current international assignments and to introduce job seekers to international career opportunities.

ENG has registered sub-groups and will in future register others as the Engineer Network Group grows or when members request other specific sub-groups:
ENG Construction & Utilities
ENG Mining & Resources
ENG Power & Energy
ENG Electronics & Telecoms
ENG Industrial & Mechanical
ENG Transport & Marine
ENG Contracting & Outsourcing

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Non Profit

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