Cachai SpA

Cachai is a Chilean company that offers Cultural, translation and web services. In Cachai we have a group of websites and products that can help you to be connected with Chile 24 hours.

1. Cachai Chile Network (WWW.CACHAII.CL):

A complete website and a network that includes; Chilean wiki, news, articles, music, photos and more.

2. Chile Online English News (ENG.CACHAII.CL):

A website for English Speakers to know and read more about Chile. This website is managed by English speakers in Cachai.

3. Cachai Online Radio:

Online radio stream includes Chilean songs, news and information about the Chilean culture and tourism in Chile.

4. Cachai Mobile Application.

5. Chile in Arabic (AR.CACHAII.CL):

The first website that talks about Chile in Arabic language. The website has information, photos and videos about Chile for Arabic language speakers.

6. Community Cachai for foreigners in Chile (COMMUNITY.CACHAII.CL)




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