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Are You Serious About Achieving Your Career Potential?

"If you are, then we can guide you through a proven system to help you land the job you want and manage your career more successfully" ~ Ford R. Myers, The Executive’s Career Coach

We work with accomplished executives and professionals nationwide who are:

✓ Seeking a trusted advisor to provide actionable steps toward a better work experience
✓ Committed to investing in their career success
✓ Eager to make a quantum leap in their career
✓ In need of understanding and support from a career expert who really “gets it”
✓ Responsible and accountable for their own career outcomes
✓ Aware of how powerful and effective professional coaching can be
✓ Courageous enough to make positive changes in attitudes and behaviors
✓ Open to new ideas and perspectives on career management and job search
✓ Ready to implement innovative strategies that generate extraordinary career results

Here is a quick summary of our exclusive offerings:

✓ Career Partner, 6-Month Program
✓ Career Mentor, 3-Month Program
✓ Career QuickStart, 1-Month Program
✓ The Ultimate Career Group
✓ Career Testing and Assessment
✓ Online Search Tools
✓ Career Seminars
✓ Career Products and More!

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