Impact M&A

Impact M&A Co. Ltd is a fresh new advertising agency that host many marketing-oriented activities. From design concept to indoor digital advertising Impact has answers to every company needs.

Creative Design Concept: operating under the brand name Lox.Studio (or, this department handles all the design and creativity aspects of your branding. From the logo to the packaging, Lox will manage your product or service's image throughout all channels.

Direct Marketing: Operating under the label Insite Marketing, this department manages the distribution of your information through two main channels: the brochure distribution in Phnom Penh and the email-blast service, which can send some 10,000 emails to the working class in Cambodia.

Impact Displays: The last addition to our services: the indoor digital advertising. The fresh and modern way to communicate your product & services.


Our primary target audience is all the small and medium enterprises that do not have an in-house marketing department or staff. Impact will thus act as your marketing agent for your product or service.


This is a perfect medium to reach the right audience at the right time in the right place. Sending the adequate message to an audience in situation, for instance advertising for a soft drink while people are having lunch is probably the ultimate in marketing




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