AL Fatah Water and Power

Al Fatah water and power is one of the major companies in the Saudi Arabia water market in design & build of desalination and water treatment plants for potable and process water, serving industrial and municipal clients. The company is part of one of Saudi prominent organization, with commitment to excellence by maintaining high standards of reliability and minimizing risks, increasing reliability, and controlling costs through efficient management of communications among all involved in a project including consultants, manufacturers, suppliers and sub contractors. As a Saudi company, in the most important desalination market in the world, we offer prompt and relevant local knowledge and engineering support. Our engineering capabilities include seasonal industry experts, specializing in the design, and construction of advanced water desalination and treatment plants adhering to world-class standards. Company manpower is 100 people. Group manpower is 2,000 people. Flagship Project is Jubail SWRO Plant 103,000 m³/d

Main Activities:
Desalination, Water Treatment, Design, Engineer, Procure, Construct, and operate Plants, seawater Osmosis (SWRO), Maintenance and Operations.

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