Sea & Sky Shipping LLC

Sea & Sky Shipping specializes in transportation of goods and services. Our expertise is not only limited to freight forwarding, custom clearance, container handling, loading and unloading but also extends to ship chartering, break-bulk and project cargo. We also act as a buying house for various corporations.

Freight Forwarding
Although freight forwarders are service providers without any asset ownership, they play a vital role in moving cargo all around the world. Their work seems easy but at the same time it is delicate - a work of responsibility. When a client gives his cargo to a freight forwarder, it is his responsibility to deliver it to the right place at the right time and at the right cost. These are the 3Rs of supply chain that should be followed to compete in today’s market.

Sea & Sky’s expertise lies in the fact that it realizes the complexity and nature of the job it is performing. Handling movement of cargo in various countries places us in a better position to play its part as a preferred freight forwarder.

Project and Break bulk Cargo
Booking project and break-bulk cargo requires networking with vessel owners whose vessels are in place for the client’s special cargo. This requires the expertise to handle cargo in-land, transporting it to the port and from the port transferring to destination using the right type of trucking required.

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