Kilbourne Group

Kilbourne Group is a collective team, led by Doug Burgum, that is committed to inspiring and supporting the redevelopment of downtown Fargo. The Kilbourne Group team shares the vision of retaining and carrying forward the history of Fargo through thought leadership, the restoration of historic buildings and the creation of new buildings that honor the past while inspiring the future.

Doug Burgum's first experience with downtown preservation and redevelopment occurred when his company, the Kilbourne Design Group, purchased the Northern School Supply building and rescued it from the wrecking ball in 2000. The 100-year old structure, originally built as a farm implement warehouse and dealership, is now an ultra-modern, green facility – aptly named Renaissance Hall. It houses North Dakota State University’s visual arts department, major components of the architecture and landscape architecture department, and the Tri-College University office.

Kilbourne Design Group evolved into Kilbourne Group in 2006. The company delivers on its vision by both revitalizing existing buildings and creating new ones that reflect respect for the past, gratitude for the present and innovation for the future.




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