Centre for Fair Political Analysis

Centre for Fair Political Analysis is a Hungarian think tank dedicated to creating a more tolerant political culture and strengthening democratic traditions in Hungary by providing balanced, non-partisan research and political analysis.

Centre for Fair Political Analysis
Méltányosság Politikaelemző Központ

Méltányosság means equity or fairness in Hungarian. The Centre for Fair Political Analysis originates from a circle of social scientists, media and legal experts, and politically engaged citizens committed to creating a more pluralistic society and balanced political analysis in Hungary. The Circle has given way to the Meltányosság Politikaelemző Központ (CFPA) to pursue its aims.

The Centre has several goals:
- to spread a more democratic and tolerant political culture in Hungary
- to conduct balanced non-partisan political research
- to offer the results of its research to the broadest possible public, both domestic and international, including academics.

For more information on the Centre for Fair Political Analysis's work, for press inquiries, or to receive our analyses in English, feel free to contact CFPA.




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